ARYAS INTERNATIONAL LIMITED is a one stop sourcing and service partner; registered and incorporated in Hong Kong; for the Asia sourcing activities of the European & US importers, brands and retailers in the fields of tools, hardware, personal protective equipment (PPE) and emergency medical supplies.

ARYAS INTERNATIONAL specializes in the procurement, product development and all sourcing related activities of mainly hand tools, power tools, garden tools, car tools, car accessories, bicycle accessories, test & measurement equipment, hardware, personal protective equipment, workwear, workshop equipment, medical masks type I, type II, type IIR; FFP2/N95/KN95 respirators; coveralls; surgical gowns, isolation gowns; surgical togas; nitrile gloves, latex gloves; goggles, face shields; infrared forehead thermometers, thermal imagers, thermal cameras; surface disinfectants, liquid, gel hand disinfectants, sprayers, sterilizers; ventilators, patient monitors, hospital beds and other medical equipment product categories. Its professionals and service partners are well distributed among the main production countries (China, Taiwan, Vietnam, India, Turkey) and provinces (I.e mainly Guangdong, Zhejiang, Jiangsu provinces in China) according to its customer needs.

What Distinguishes ARYAS INTERNATIONAL:  

  • Integrity with universal moral and ethical principles.
  • Flexible, passionate and experienced technical & commercial teams.
  • Understanding the European & US customers and consumer needs.
  • Developing right products at a right quality, price and location.
  • Close production monitoring and proactive solution oriented approach for on-time delivery.
  • Technical know-how in product development, marketing, quality management and production.
  • Clear focus on service and customer satisfaction.
  • Full service – from ideas through production to the delivery and the marketing services.
  • Speed and flexibility – lean processes, experience management and strong cooperation partners.
  • Continuous communication with all related parties.
  • Wide range of products in tools, hardware, personal protective equipment (PPE) and emergency medical supplies from promotional to innovative and premium products.

Support & Services

Aryas International Limited

Cost effective services approach according to its individual customer’ needs, comprehensive or custom-defined selected services plans at competitive prices with thanks to its lean structure, processes, professionals and solution partners.

License Brand


ZÜNDAPP, a well-known industrial German brand which was famous 1917-1986 all over Continental Europe, mainly in German speaking countries for their motorbikes and engines.  Several different category products has been developed under Zündapp brand in its whole lifetime beside motorbikes and engines; such as world’s first battery driven garden lawn mowers in 1970s, #1 sewing machines post 2nd world war and most recently since 2015 well-known for its e-bikes (#1 in Germany), bicycles and bike accessories. During the past 5 years about 1.000.000 ZÜNDAPP bikes were already sold by REAL Hypermarkets in Germany only. With its well-respected brand image, brand recognition and 1oo years old heritage; thanks to several museums, and loyal fan groups both online and offline active all over Europe; it’s entering again into the hardware and tools industries with its 100 years old roots.